Will Plunkett - 7 years of producing Billy's

“Our stud is evolving, and we see a big part of our future in the Online Auctions, it allows us to show case our Billy horses and give people a transparent view of the horses whole history, temperament & potential.
We have had overwhelmingly positive feed back from the previous buyers in our auctions, our aim is to give people confidence in buying quality British bred horses.
This collection of 3yr olds have been allowed to develop in a natural herd environment, they were brought in 4 weeks ago to start their education.
If buyers are looking for advice/ help breaking in horses, we highly recommend Will Plunkett as he has broken all our young horses over the last 7 years.
He is a huge part of the studs success as with all horses the foundations of their learning is so important.
Will has agreed to make availability for the auction horses if buyers would like to use his services” William Funnell
Viewing by appointment, for more information please contact: info@thebillystud.co.uk

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