Spring Hybrid Auction Viewing Day

On Monday 15th of May you will have your first opportunity the view the Spring Hybrid Aucion Collection. The vieiwng will begin at 3.30pm at our Surrey base Jordans Farm, RH5 5SB.

The horses will be shown in catalogue order as follows -

1. Billy Wren - 2019 Mare - Zinedine x Andiamo

2. Billy Debussy - 2019 Gelding - Billy Cromwell x Tangelo

3. Billy Nutella - 2018 Mare - Billy Du Montois

4. Billy Heineken - 2019 Mare - Zirocco Blue x Perion

5. Billy Omlette - 2019 Mare - Billy Cromwell x Billy Congo

6. Billy Tamrac - 2018 Mare - Billy Mexico x Vechta

7. Billy Ellerbee - 2019 Mare - Conthargos x Andiamo

8. Billy Basil - 2019 Gelding - Conthargos Vechta

9. Billy Martini - 2018 Mare - Zirocco Blue x Perion

10. Billy Morzine - 2019 Mare - Billy Mexico x Billy Congo

11. Billy Lomo - 2018 Mare - Billy du Montois x Vechta

12. Billy Cha-Cha - 2019 Mare - Billy Mexico x Billy Congo

13. Billy Erika - 2018 Mare - Conthargos x Nijinski

14. Billy Namos - 2019 Mare - Conthargos x Nijinski

15. Billy Toshiba - 2019 Gelding - Billy Cromwell x Vechta

You will be able to see the horses ridden round a course as well as in the stables. There will be an opportunity to speak with William, Donal, Roger and Lucy who will be able to answer any questions regarding this collection.

Dont forget you can join our Spring Hybrid WhatsApp group by scanning the QR code in the recent news post for all the latest news and videos of all of the horses.


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