May 24, 2020, 9:26:00 PM

Sold to Poland

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Plot Blue
Mr Blue
Santa Fee
Billy Everest
Billy Congo
Billy Autumn
Mountain Sea Breeze
Cevin Z
Ballyworth Mountain

Billy Tibet is out of Billy Everest who had a successful Spring Tour in Spain with the team from Oakland Stables.

The dam Billy Everest is half sister to Billy Manjaro (1.55m), Ralph V (1.45m). She is also the full sister to Billy K2 who was sold in the 2018 auction.

The sire Plot Blue competed at 5 Senior Championships, 2 World Cup Finals and 23 Global Champions Tour Grand Prix! He won the World Cup Final in Geneva and in the same year was part of the gold medal winning German team at the World Equestrian Games! In the summer of 2019 Plot Blue unfortunately passed away but his legacy will live on through his offspring, the eldest of whom are 10 years old competing at 1.50m level.

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